The Board of Directors
(Elected by Members)
2000 Tongass Avenue, Ketchikan AK 99901

Jeannette Rosier, Chairman Treasurer/Bookkeeper, The Local Paper
Mark Tollfeldt, Vice-Chair S.S.R.A.A. Assistant Manager
Larry Tillotson, Treasurer Retired Teacher
Jeanne Sande, Secretary Retired Teacher
Justin Breese ADFG Biologist
Bret Hiatt R&M Engineering Environmental Coordinator

Supervisory Committee (Appointed by the Board)
PO Box 8172, Ketchikan AK 99901

Judith Anglin McQuerry, Chair Retired Ketchikan Public Library Director
Terrence Robbins Community Connections
Maggie Freitag Owner, Paranassus Bookstore
Carolyn Wilsie Owner, Corner Bed & Breakfast
Kim Judge Community Connections Business Manager