New Security Feature

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Two-Factor Authentication
assures that you have more than just a password to protect your on-line account. Now, members will be asked to choose a SECRET WORD that will show on computers to let them know they are on a valid website. You also will be asked to answer three challenge questions to further verify your identification before letting you in your account information.

The new security has the ability to recognize when you are on a “safe” computer (your home or business computer that you’ve verified) or when you are on a foreign computer – one that hasn’t been used to access your account. That’s where the secret word becomes important – is it you or a pirate?

Need help? Email us at admin@tongassfcu.com or call us for assistance.

Internet banking – now more secure than ever.

Optical Image Checks on line
And it's FREE!
Our newest greatest feature!

See your cleared checks on line. Open your home banking account, click on Checking, then details. Find a check number in BLUE, click there and wait for the image to appear.

Caution: checks drawn off member accounts at the credit union processed in house and won't pull up an image.

Use and enjoy! Make prints! IT"S FREE!

Switch Accounts! This is a great feature for members with multiple accounts to monitor and use. Sign on to internet banking for the first account, and a drop-down menu lets you move back and forth to other accounts without logging on each time. This feature is restricted to those members who are primary or joint owners. Ask our staff for help.

Bill Pay! Point, click, pay. It’s that simple. For just $5.00 per month you can pay an unlimited number of bills. We’ll help you set up your account – bring your bills and statements by the credit union. You can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, even once a year! Pay a flat amount or type in a new amount each time. Use our Bill Pay DEMO to see how this service works.

Click on Bill Pay Information to get to the Online Disclosure and Enrollment Form to sign up for this service.

Here’s a fabulous feature: optical images of the check that Bill Pay issues for you, with the endorsement showing on-line. You can print it off if you want.

And of course you always can use our safe and secure E-Services for other great services, such as being able to:

• Check account balances
• Inquire on account history
• Transfer funds between accounts
• See which checks have cleared their account
• Reorder checks
• Make a loan payment
• Download your account to Quicken!
• See your Direct Deposits
• CLICK ON LOANS to use our on-line loan application!
• CLICK ON CHECKING to reorder checks on line.