YOU load it. THEY spend it. YOU BOTH review how your teen is spending their money. Now that's family bonding!

CONTROL how much your teen spends.The card allows a maximum withdrawal of $100 per day, in a maximum of 2 ATM transactions (limit to $50 for each ATM transaction.)

Online MONITORING of how your teen is spending their money with our online statements. PSSST... You can't do this with cash!

REVIEW and TEACH your teen responsible financial spending by talking about how they spent their money.

Plastic, but NOT A CREDIT CARD! The financial convenience of carrying around plastic. Once money is lost it's gone forever. With this PREPAID debit card there are no monthly payments to make. The funds are put on the card by you or an authorized gift giver. Those are the only available funds to spend.

NO CREDIT CHECKS! Since this is a prepaid card, there are no credit checks for you or your teen, which means there is no credit risk either!

WIDELY ACCEPTED! Your teen can use this card anywhere the Visa brand is accepted.

EASILY RELOADS. As the parent you can set up one-time reloads OR EVEN establish a regular allowance schedule for your teen utilizing our website. And, you can stop those deposits just as easily! Parents — have peace of mind! Your teen cannot transfer money from your account into theirs! It's safe and easy!

WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK! Live customer service is available 24/7 for all your questions or concerns. Dial 1-866-469-9146 for any questions or concerns on existing accounts.

Didn't do her homework? Forgot to do his chores? SUSPEND their account at anytime via the online tool, and then unblock it when he or she is doing better!

MINIMAL FEES to help make this account work for you! There are no fees for purchases of goods and services with this card. A list of applicable fees is to the right.

Birthday coming up? A holiday perhaps? FRIENDS & FAMILY can reload your teen's card too! Only you, the parent, can easily authorize another party to deposit funds into your teen's account.


Your parents load it. You spend it.
How much better does it get?

It's cool to carry around plastic! Just swipe and sign, or use a PIN and your're on your way! No need to carry around a pocket full of change.

Use your Family Card like cash, anywhere Visa is accepted!

Friends and family can send you money too! (With your parents' authorization of course!)

It's safer than cash! Once it's lost, it's gone forever. If you were to lose your Family Card, you can report it lost or stolen and have your money put on a new card.

Be smart about it, watch your balance online and review your purchases. See where you are spending your money!

Gift Giver

Congratulations on being an active part in teaching
your loved one financial responsibility!

Birthday? Graduation? Holiday? Just a great kid? No need to worry a bout checks or cash getting lost in the mail! You now can deposit money directly into your loved one's prepaid debit card today for any upcoming special occasion or for no reason at all! A gift for any occasion and, let's face it, you can't go wrong with the gift of money!

As a gift giver you can:

  • Add funds to a cardholder's account
  • Set an allowance schedule for reoccurring deposits
  • Update your user name, password and security questions

What you need to login:

  • The sponsor of the card established a user name, password, secret question and secret answer for you. (Don't worry! Once you log in you can change your question, answer and password!)