Savings Builder Certificate Get Rolling Now and Get Rewards

            Open with $50 minimum
            Add $$ as often as you want, no minimum required
            No monthly fees
            Certificate matures each 30 days – you renew it
            Dividends paid same as our 1-Year Certificate
            Special dividends until you reach $2,500 cap
            Warning:  90-day dividend penalty for early withdrawal
            10-day grace period at maturity for withdrawals without penalty
            Dividends paid at maturity    
            This is for serious savers – you can lose principal on premature withdrawal

Certificate Moola:
We’ve changed our Certificates! Now, instead of a narrow term, such as 1 year or 2 years, you pick the term when you book your Certificate. Pick from six tiers:

90-179 days
180-364 days
1 year up to 2 years
2 years up to 3 years
3 years up to 4 years
4 years to 5 years

Rates will vary, so click on Savings Rates to view our current posting. Remember our Permanent Fund 1-year special through October.

Money Market Means More Moola

What’s a Money Market Account?  How is it different than my Share Account and a Certificate?

Good question.  A Money Market is not a Certificate because funds can be withdrawn.  A Certificate commits funds for a period of time, and there are penalties for withdrawals.  Certificates are great for those who know they can commit funds for the time period they choose.

A Share Account (Savings) allows frequent withdrawals – up to 6 per month with no fee, and more than that for a $1.00 excess transaction fee each.

Money Market is for serious savers.  Our account allows only 3 withdrawals per month before a $10 per transaction fee is charged.  If funds fall below $2,500 in MMA, then there is a $5.00 monthly service fee, and the funds earn the regular Share (Savings) rate.

Money Markets will appear on your statement as Sub-account 20.  Stop by a branch to get going and make more money!

Retirement – for some decades away, for others right around the corner.  The AARP reports that half of all employees in the private sector have no retirement plan at work or haven’t joined one.  And, of workers 55 and older, 26% have saved LESS THAN $10,000 for retirement.

It’s your future!  Get started.  We’ll make it quick, easy and painless.  An IRA Share account, just $25 on deposit, and we’ll help you set up automated payments.  Reach $500, and we’ll put it in a Certificate for a higher return.  You may get a tax advantage with your IRA.

In a plan?  How about your spouse?  Think about using some of your Alaska Permanent Fund dividend for an IRA.  Put some of your tax refund in an IRA.  Set up auto transfers to the IRA.

Ask us – we’ll get you started.


Whether it's a short-term emergency fund, saving for a big-ticket item (your first home?), or retirement investing, we have several choices for our members. All accounts are federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration (visit

     Shares - Our regular Savings accounts require a minimum $25.00 held on deposit ($5.00 if the member is under age 18). Shares earn dividends monthly. Members may have more than one Share Account. Because our Share Accounts are a savings account, the number of withdrawals is limited to six per month before being subjected to a $1.00 per transaction fee in excess of the six. This includes transfers. Share Accounts may be accessed with an Alaska Option ATM Card.

     Share Draft (Checking) – Share Draft is the technical term, but you know it as Checking. TFCU members get free checking – always – with no minimum deposits required and no restrictions. This is also known as a Demand Account – an important term. You can use this account with a Debit Card to make purchases. There are no limits on the number of withdrawals. Our Checking Accounts are free and do not pay dividends at this time.

     Share Certificates - These are time deposits, where a commitment is made to invest funds for a certain period with a guaranteed return (dividends). Dividends are paid quarterly. There are penalties against dividends for premature withdrawals. The minimum to invest in a Certificate is $500.00.

     IRAs - We have several Individual Retirement Account types, including Traditional, Roth and SEP (great for self-employed and small business owners). Our IRAs do not require minimum deposits and there are no transaction or service fees! Penalties apply for premature withdrawals. Let us guide you through the choices and disclosures. We offer regular Shares and four terms for IRA Certificates. Click on Rates.

     Coverdell Education Savings Accounts - A new form of tax-free investing for a child's future education. An ESA allows tax-free dividends to build on the savings for future education, which now includes many more choices including private schools. We'll be happy to help you learn about this exciting new option. Parents, grandparents, relatives or godparents can use this account to help finance future education needs. Now there are many approved education expenses, including junior and community colleges, vocational and technical training, and even private schools at lower grade levels. Ask us! Dividends on Shares and Certificates are the same as for IRAs.

     Health Savings Accounts – Members in a qualified health plan may have a designated H.S.A. that pays dividends monthly (tax-exempt), at the same rate as our Share Account, but which allows members to write checks to the doctor, clinic, hospital, lab, pharmacy, etc.  Talk to your insurer and learn more about these accounts at

     Dividends are declared monthly by the Board of Directors based on the earnings of the credit union. Rates may change monthly. A current fee schedule may be obtained at the credit union or by email.

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