A Fresh Financial Start for 2022!

Whether you’re looking to build, repair or rebuild your credit, TFCU Fresh Start can help!

  • Fresh Start Spending Account: An alternative to a checking account and everyone is eligible! Low monthly fee and access to a VISA debit card.
  • Secured VISA® Credit Card: Use the funds you have on deposit to secure the card, make regular payments on purchases, and after six months, you may qualify for a regular credit card!
  • Savings Builder Certificate: Helps you build good savings habits by allowing you to make deposits as frequently as you want but limiting your access to the funds.
  • Credit Builder Loan: TFCU grants you a $500 loan and deposits the funds into a secured savings account in your name. Make 6 timely payments, and then TFCU will release the $500 to you!
  • Financial Counseling:  We meet you where you are financially. We help you define the goals you would like to set or objectives you would like to meet.
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