Past, Present & Future

Our History

In 2023, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. Follow the journey here!

Our Present

Our mission is to provide innovative and valuable financial services and education, to enhance the lives of our member-owners, and serve the diverse and changing needs of our coastal communities.

Humble beginnings. Since 1963, TFCU has grown to become a community-chartered credit union so that folks living, working, or worshiping in the coastal communities of Southeast Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska are eligible for membership.

Teaching is our passion. TFCU has also worked to maintain a teaching culture. TFCU promotes the financial lives of our member-owners and our communities by providing relevant and affordable financial solutions. Never fear useless sales offers at TFCU, we are here to teach you how to build a thriving financial life. We make financial solution recommendations based on our relationship with each individual member. Let TFCU focus on financial service expertise so you can enjoy your community, family, and the beauty of Alaska.

Our Future

With an expanded field of membership, TFCU seeks to build community-microsites and branches to promote prospering communities. We believe that a financial institution is a pillar of a community. It brings education, opportunity and financial access to the remote villages and towns of our beautiful state.