We’ve lowered Courtesy Pay and NSF fees!

When we merged with ALPS FCU last year, we told you that by joining together, we’d be stronger and able to make changes that would better benefit you. We’re happy to announce one of these changes is in effect now!

As of April 1, 2024, our Courtesy Pay and NSF fees will be $10 on all accounts (previously a $25 fee).

What are Courtesy Pay and NSF fees?
We all have ‘oops’ moments, and Courtesy Pay can help! Courtesy Pay is a great option to avoid the inconvenience of a declined transaction when making a purchase.

Whether you accidentally overdraw your account or need emergency funds, Courtesy Pay will provide you with a $500 overdraft limit.

Opt In to Courtesy Pay Now Through Online Banking

Read the full Courtesy Pay Disclosure for more Information or Use the Form to Opt-In

We also offer Overdraft Protection. Simply connect your accounts and Overdraft Protection will draw funds from the connected account if you do not have enough funds. Contact us for more information.