Savings Accounts

Whether it's a short-term emergency fund, saving for a big-ticket item, or saving for retirement, we can help you reach your savings goals!



Best for: Savers who want a low opening deposit and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds whenever they’d like.


Insured up to $250,0001

Access accounts with online, mobile and text banking

Quarterly dividends

When linked to your TFCU checking, ATM access is available using your debit card


Money Market

Best for: Serious savers who still want access to their funds. Higher rates are paid on higher balances.

Dividends are paid monthly based on tiers.

3 free transfers a month ($10 per transfer after 3)

Insured up to $250,0001

Access accounts with online, mobile and text banking


of Deposit

Best for: Best for: Serious savers who don't need immediate access to their funds.

 Minimum to invest is $500

Insured up to $250,0001

Several options available, varying in maturity dates, from 90 days to 5 years

 IRA Certificates are also available in various maturity dates.


Savings Builder

Best for: People who want to build good savings habits. This certificate allows you to make deposits as frequently as you want but limits your access to the funds.

 $50 minimum to open

Add money as often as you want, no minimum required.

Maximum balance is $25,000

Access your funds with a 30 day maturity

Dividend rate is the same as our 1-Year Certificate!

Dividends paid at maturity.


Health Savings
Account (HSA)

Best for: Individuals with high deductible health plans. When combined with a high deductible health plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is an alternative to traditional health insurance.

Save for your future

Access online

Low monthly maintenance fee

Easy to use!

More HSA Information



TFCU is your complete financial partner. To ensure that we meet all of your needs we also offer these special account types:

UGMA and UTMA Custodial Accounts: Revocable Trust or Irrevocable Trust

Estate accounts

Representative Payee

1 The NCUIF insures TFCU qualifying member deposits up to $250,000