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TFCU seeks to promote thriving communities by financially empowering and educating our member-owners. Teaching financial literacy (how money is earned, managed and saved) at an early age helps kids make smart financial decisions for the rest of their lives.

TFCU also awards scholarships and sponsorships to community students.

Scholarships & Sponsorships

Youth Products

We offer products that aim to encourage early financial education and inspire saving. With a special rate on youth savings accounts and the experience to use a debit card appropriately, kids are able to learn about finances through real-life experiences.

Debit Card

TFCU offers debit cards for youth as young as 12 years old**

Youth Savings

Children 0-17 qualify for our Youth Savings account that offers 5.00% APY* up to $500!

Youth Accounts also qualify for online banking, text banking, mobile banking and more.


Savings Builder Certificate

A savings program designed to encourage saving by ‘locking’ your deposit away for 30 days.

Only $50 to Open

Add additional money at any time, no need to wait for maturity.

Earn the same APY* as a 1-year certificate.

Matures every 30 days, so you can take your money at that time or let it roll-over and save for another month.

Open a Youth Account

*annual percentage yield, regular share rate will be applied to balances over $500.

**the account must qualify for the debit card if the child is under 16 year old by having an adult joint account holder who is an established TFCU member in good standing.

Education Presentations

TFCU’s FLY education programs are designed to be offered in local schools and community organizations by one of TFCU’s skilled team members. We have several age appropriate courses for you to choose from.




What is Money?


Earning: How To & Understanding Your Pay Stub

Thrifty Saving

Generous Giving

Smart Spending

Needs vs Wants

Budgeting Money

Budgeting for College

Budgeting for After High School

How does interest work?

Spending Wisely Skit (extra scheduling required)

Story Time Options

Education on Inflation

How to Manage a Checking Account Storyline

How to Manage Your Checking Account

Different Savings Accounts

Building Wealth - A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future (multi-session booklet)

Email Us for more information or to bring FLY to your School or Group

Get REAL Financial Reality Fairs

“Money is important, but what you spend it on and how you spend it is more important.”
- High School Senior -

These fairs are fun and action packed. High school seniors are invited to get hands on in this real-life simulation. Students select a career, with that career comes a potential spouse and children. They then seek to ‘purchase’ all of life’s necessities, from cell phones to health insurance and homes! “Sales people love to trick you into buying useless items!”

We seek local volunteers, if you are interested in joining our volunteer list, please email us.

Email Us to Volunteer

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